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Uninterruptable power supplies for Cardiff and South Wales businesses

The uninterruptible power supplies we provide in Cardiff and throughout South Wales are quite simply an alternative power source, derived from battery packs, which provide a seamless changeover between mains power and standby power in the event of a mains failure or problem.

If you have ever experienced a power cut then it can be quite a challenge. At home, it can be a bit of fun, searching for the torch or candles and spending the next few minutes or hours pretending that you don’t need the TV anyway!!

At work however, not so much fun. Computers, servers, networks and phone lines all down. We take for granted the amount of equipment that we need to run our businesses these days and some of this is critical to what we do. Without them we cannot trade. If your business is manufacturing, you cannot produce. Some customers have links to other sites where data is constantly being exchanged. Thousands of pounds will be lost due to the smallest of outages.

Reassuring uninterruptable power supplies

James Installation & Maintenance Ltd can design and install uninterrupted power systems for your Cardiff or South Wales business, ranging from the small under desk units for local work stations through to large generator and changeover panels with UPS transfer a key element.

Each application is different and poses its own challenges and James Installation & Maintenance Ltd can assist with specifying the right system for your business at the right price, saving you money on lost business.

For any further information regarding uninterrupted power supplies in Cardiff and throughout South Wales, please contact our friendly team on 01656 653166 or email Our expertise and service levels will surpass your expectations.